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Topkapı Palace Pictures & Description

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The Topkapı Palace (or in Ottoman Turkish:) is a large palace in Istanbul, Turkey, that was the primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans for approximately 400 years (1465-1856) of their 624-year reign. As well as a royal residence, the palace was a setting for state occasions and royal (...)*

- "Çin'in Hazineleri Sergisi - 20 Kasım - @istanbul" by @istanbul (likes: 75)
- "Topkapi palace was the official residence of the Ottoman Sultans and the center of state administration about 380 years until the construction of Dolmabahce Palace in 1856 by Sultan Abdulmecit." by Turkish Airlines (likes: 27)
- "No Istanbul trip is complete without this. Learn about the seat of Ottoman Power while exploring its design and structure. Don't miss the Imperial Treasure and make sure to visit all four courts." by Otel.com (likes: 20)
- "The worlds largest palace... Make sure you check out the Harem it's spectacular." by Myles (likes: 14)
- "This remarkable structure is not to be missed for all Istanbul visitors. Devote a day for exploring, and visit the Topkapi Palace Museum to get more info and see more impressive exhibitions." by DHR.com (likes: 9)

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* Discription by Wikipedia (Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0). Full article Topkapı Palace
** Comments are partly based on reviews by foursquare.com users, Topkapı Sarayı
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