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Santiago Pictures & Description

Santiago (StgoEsp.ogg), also Santiago de Chile, is the capital and largest city of Chile, and the center of the Greater Santiago conurbation. It is located in the country's central valley, at an elevation of above mean sea level (...)*

- "Son lindos los arbolitos pe xD" by El Monito (likes: 24)
- "Si tienes tiempo visita la Catedral y el Museo Histórico / If you have time, visit the city's cathedral and historic center." by GoChile (likes: 23)
- "La paloma, ave endémica de la plaza, se convirtió en una especie en extinción luego de la invasión peruana. Se calculan sólo unas 1.000..." by Pato (likes: 20)
- "Me siento como el Perú peh xD" by Edu! (likes: 19)
- "Pintores, caballito falso, sombra, ajedrez, delincuencia, vagos, humoristas, evangelicos, cebolla... meta a la licuadora y juegue" by Grunge is not dead (likes: 9)

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* Discription by Wikipedia (Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0). Full article Santiago
** Comments are partly based on reviews by foursquare.com users, Plaza de Armas
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