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Pantheon, Rome Pictures & Description

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The Pantheon (or ; Pantheon,Rarely Pantheum. This appears in Pliny's Natural History (XXXVI.38) in describing this edifice: Agrippae Pantheum decoravit Diogenes Atheniensis; in columnis templi eius Caryatides probantur inter pauca operum, sicut in fastigio posita signa, sed propter altitudinem loci (...)*

- "Marvel at this architectural wonder and pay your respects at the tomb of Renaissance master Rafael, along with Italy's first Kings and Queen." by Tasha (likes: 42)
- "The interior and exterior are featured in Ubisoft video game Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Built in 126AD, the Pantheon has variously acted as a temple to Roman Gods, a Christian church and a tomb." by Ubisoft (likes: 27)
- "Look up." by Martijn (likes: 22)
- "TRAVEL FACT: Dating back to 125 AD, the Pantheon was studied by many architects of the Renaissance era." by STA Travel U.S. (likes: 16)
- "Come inside in a rainy day to discover the truth about the hole in the dome... Does rain fall through it?" by Il Mio Lazio (likes: 12)

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