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Montpellier Pictures & Description

Montpellier (; Occitan: Montpelhièr; Montpeller) is a city in southern France. It is the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, as well as the Hérault department. Montpellier is the 8th largest city of the country, and is also the fastest growing city in France over the past 25 years (...)*

- "Une superbe place avec pleins de boutiques !! ;)" by Loïse (likes: 12)
- "Best .. Place .. Eveeeeeer." by Clement (likes: 8)
- "My village" by Robert (likes: 8)
- "Le point de rendez-vous des montpelliérains, tout simplement!" by Linda (likes: 5)
- "Une superbe place pour un centre-ville vivant." by Pierre (likes: 5)

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* Discription by Wikipedia (Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0). Full article Montpellier
** Comments are partly based on reviews by foursquare.com users, Place de la Comédie
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